VoxxLife Performance Insoles and STASIS Socks

If you’ve ever experienced foot pain, leg pain, hip pain, back pain, fatigue, low energy, loss of balance, stability, strength, stamina, or range of motion this message is for you!

“Every now and then something spectacular comes along that changes people’s lives for the better. I’m so glad to be a part of this change!


As soon as I tried the VoxxLife socks and insoles I was sold! Knowing a great thing when I see it, I immediately jumped on board and became an Associate. Within one day, I got promoted to a Qualified Associate. It’s easy to do when you believe in something with all your heart.

These VoxxLife socks and insoles incorporate Human Performance Technology. Because of the patented design, the reflexology points, pressure points, cranial nerve points, and neuro-receptors in the soles of your feet all get stimulated while wearing the products. I even wear mine to bed!


Personally, within seconds of putting the socks on, I was aware of energy circulating through my feet and lower legs, travelling up into my knees. For a thin sock, they provide an amazing amount of comfort and warmth. The fact that my feet have not been cold once this month speaks volumes to me!

My balance, strength, range of motion and stability all increased immediately. On top of all this, I no longer have any hip, back, leg or foot pain at the end of my RMT work day.

The socks come in wellness (great for diabetics), no-show, mini crew (ankle length), crew, and knee highs with compression for those that require or desire it.


I know. Socks. This is crazy right?! How can something so simple make such an instant and dramatic difference in life? Obviously, they are more than just socks. They’re natural, they’re probably not from this world, and they’re unlike anything I’ve ever tried.

If any of this interests you, contact me for a free demonstration or visit my webshop to see the range of styles, colors, and sizes that are available.

These products are a must for any RMTs, lightworkers, energy practitioners, holistic healers etc. as they keep your personal energy grounded all day!” – Brad Surette, RMT

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For safe, natural solutions that provide:

– improved balance, increased stability, and greater range of motion instantly
– more energy, pain relief, enhanced mobility
– drug free wellness (no side effects) and performance

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