Certified Angelic Messenger Online


Become a Certified Angelic Messenger

This Certified Angelic Messenger workshop teaches all the essentials for connecting with the Angels, Archangels, and your personal Spirit Guide. Throughout the course you will learn the proper way to prepare yourself for communication with the spiritual realms, how to distinguish an Angel, Archangel, or other spiritual presence, how to call upon the Angels for assistance, and how to recognize the signs and messages you may be already receiving and missing.

Once the basics are covered we will be exploring the use of oracle cards as a tool for receiving and delivering clear messages from the angels. As well, you will also learn how to properly prepare and use one, two, or, multiple oracle decks for conducting readings on yourself and for others.

This self-paced online workshop does not include oracle decks, but does include the same information covered in-person while teaching the skills that will enable you to become a Certified Angelic Messenger.

With this certification you will be able to offer angel card readings while delivering messages on a professional level.

This online workshop is $115 (HST included) and a professional printed certificate will be awarded upon successful completion.