Reiki Lineage

In May 2003, Brad was first introduced to Reiki by Voni King of Groves Point, Nova Scotia and received his Reiki Level I. After several years, Brad decided to pursue his interest and received his Reiki Level II in 2006, again from Voni King.

In January 2008, Brad received his Reiki Level III (Advanced Reiki Training) from Phyllis Laforest of Enfield, Nova Scotia. Phyllis was such an inspiration that Brad decided to pursue the Reiki Master/Teacher Level. Upon receiving his certification on February 24, 2008 Brad became eligible to teach Reiki and perform attunements.

The enlightenment experienced during the process of acquiring each level provided Brad with an intense interest in the healing arts accompanied by a strong desire to work in the field as a holistic healing arts practitioner. Brad offers Reiki treatments, Reiki training, and Reiki certification.