(If unable to keep appointment kindly give 24 hours notice or full fee will be charged.)

30 Minute RAPID Neurofascial Reset Treatment | $77 tax inc.

This type of treatment uses specialized RAPID Neurofascial Reset techniques that provide effective, instant, and lasting results for pain relief and increased ROM. Perfect for stubborn or chronic conditions. You remain dressed throughout the treatment so please wear loose comfortable clothing such as yoga or sweat pants. NO JEANS. Billable as 30 Minute Therapeutic Massage and covered by most extended health care insurance plans. Please be advised there are no 60 Minute RAPID sessions. If you arrive with an extensive list of complaints you will be asked if your preference is to focus on either the upper or lower body during the session and to book another appointment for the things not addressed at that time.

60 Minute Therapeutic Massage Treatment | $100 tax inc.

This type of treatment utilizes lotion, proper draping protocols, table warmer (optional) and various massage techniques to help restore function to injured or damaged soft tissue (muscles, tendons and ligaments). Benefits include increased flexibility, more mobility, and an overall sense of well-being. Billable as 60 Minute Therapeutic Massage and covered by most extended health care insurance plans.

PLEASE NOTE: If you require both RAPID Neurofascial Reset and Therapeutic Massage you will be required to book two separate appointments on alternate days. The one hour treatment times will only be for Therapeutic Massage or The Re-Energizer treatments. No RAPID Neurofascial Reset techniques will be performed during a one hour treatment.

30 Minute Reiki Treatment | $77 tax inc.

This type of treatment is a Japanese non-invasive healing technique which involves the channeling of Universal Life Force energy into the body. In this type of treatment the body is able to relieve itself of physical, emotional, and spiritual blocks. Reiki assists the natural healing process of the body and enhances its ability to rebalance to a healthier state. Reiki is completely one hundred percent safe and will not interfere with any other form of treatment. Click here for additional information about Reiki.

60 Minute Combo: The Re-energizer | $100 tax inc.

This type of treatment incorporates the fantastic four (Gua Sha, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Massage) and is designed to give a healing boost, replenish energy, and has also been known to shorten the duration of the common cold. The Re-energizer is a great pick me up for anyone experiencing constant fatigue or low energy.


Direct billing for Therapeutic Massage and RAPID is available with most extended health care insurance companies including but not limited to Medavie Blue Cross, Great-West Life, Manulife Financial, and Sun Life Financial. Alternatively, official receipts will be provided for your own submission to other extended health care insurance companies.


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