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“Hi Brad, thank you so much for another great reading! I must say, you are the one person who always makes me feel better almost instantly! You have a very special gift!”

“Thanks for the awesome treatment yesterday, I slept like a baby afterwards, something I haven’t done in a while and I feel great. Now I have energy and focus.”

“Thank you for an amazing reading today Brad!! I’m always amazed when you verbalize my thoughts and feelings. Helps validate what’s been going on… looking forward to the future for sure!!! You’re the best, thank you again!!!! ❤️❤️❤️”

“Hi Brad! Thanks again for the treatment today. My neck is feeling much better.”

“Thank you! That Reiki treatment was amazing! Before I arrived at your beautiful centre I was feeling overwhelmed, anxious and depressed. Before I walked out the door I was feeling joyful, centered, and calm. I’m so glad I found you!”

“Wow! I thought what you did with your Gerrish location was an amazing transformation but your new centre is absolutely beautiful! and so peaceful!”

“LOVE LOVE LOVE your online booking software! So easy to use! Can’t wait to see you again!”

“It was such a pleasure meeting you Brad. Your space is beautiful!! From the moment I entered your reception area I experienced an instant state of relaxation and peacefulness. Your presence is also very calming and you are so easy to talk to about anything. Keep up the great work! I’ll be back often.”

“Thanks Brad from the bottom of my heart for the Reiki treatment. It was awesome. Thanks for just being you.”

“I LOVE how you promote the importance of hydration by offering a bottle of chilled or room temperature water at the end of every session. It shows just how much you care about your clients. Great job Brad!”

“Thank you for coming to Windsor!! You are an incredible RMT and exactly what this little town needed.”

“You gave me a wonderful massage and an exercise that really helped my back. You have a rare gift. There are many massage therapists out there, but you are pure magic. The best I ever had, thank you for sharing your gift with us!”

“I took my Reiki Level I from Brad. The entire day was an amazing experience that is helping me change my outlook on life. I would encourage anyone to try Reiki with Brad Surette. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.”

“You are friggin hilarious and down to Earth! Thanks for the laughs, the awesome massage, and the beautiful healing stone. So thoughtful and sweet!”

“You have the best hands in Hants County! Thank you for the awesome massage. It was exactly what I needed!”

“I’ve had many card readings before but none like yours! You completely blew me away with your accuracy and specific details of events in my life I’ve not shared with anyone. Thank you for identifying the obstacles that were holding me back. I feel so empowered, enlightened and energized. You rock!”

“After suffering for many years I can’t believe you were able to take away my pain! Thank you for the incredible work you do. I’m so happy I am crying tears of joy. God bless your heart!”

“I found who I was again and through the power and healing of your Reiki Level II workshop, I was able to grow in ways I had never imagined.”

“Wow!!! I am literally speechless how much information and clarity came from my phone reading. We’ve never met but it was like you understand me better than I do. How do you know these things!? Mind blown!”

“Crazy awesome – speculator and amazing…. You are so on purpose! XO.”

“Thanks for all you do Brad Surette, RMT.”

“Without hesitation, I would recommend Brad’s workshop to anyone even remotely interested in learning more about Reiki. It will open your mind to so much more.”

“Thank you for the amazing Reiki treatment. The imagery and colours were simply spectacular. You took me places I never thought existed and left me feeling completely peaceful. I also slept for six hours straight last night which I haven’t been able to do for years. I am recommending you to everyone!”

“Brad!!! I can’t even tell you how happy I am now that the headaches are gone. You’ve given me my life back. I’m so glad you are following your dream. Now I can pursue mine. Peace. <3"

“Hi Brad! I just wanted to let you know I am feeling fantastic and haven’t had ANY pain since you worked on me. Forever grateful! You are a true gift from the Universe!”

“I had a phone session with Brad recently and was a bit anxious about it as I was worried about family and health. Brad made me feel very at ease and then he started the reading. I was amazed at all the things he would never know yet he was reading them in the cards. I was, and am, shocked what an amazing reading I had and how accurate Brad was. I started crying half way through the reading….Brad you are the real deal! I’m now blending all that positivity from the reading into my life. If you’re thinking about having a reading with Brad, I highly suggest you do!”

“I recently had a card reading by Brad Surette and it was such a wonderful experience. The whole time his voice was calm, soothing and genuine. I could tell everything he told me was sincere and I have confidence that the path I’m on will happen. I recommend Brad to everyone!”

“Brad was an amazing teacher; he opened up and had no problem sharing some of his own experiences with us which, by the way, completely blew most of our minds!”

“Things are going great. I have been back to work for about six months now and I am feeling wonderful. I will soon be approaching one year cancer free. I would like to thank you again for helping me on my road to recovery. You have a great gift and would recommend you to everyone. Take care.”

“Thank you for the fantastic card reading Brad. It was great and it really hit home! You are everything my friend said you were and I have no problem whatsoever recommending you as a reader.”

“I just took my Reiki Level II. I had a great day! Brad you are the Best. I’m looking forward to Level III. Ever since I took Reiki Level I, I have discovered some things about myself that I didn’t know and some things I have to work on. But it’s all good and my life has changed. PEACE. Thank you Brad.”

“Brad, I would like to thank you again for your presentation on Holistic Balance for our International Women’s Day celebration held at the Avon Emporium. You really captured the attention of the audience and your Reiki demonstration did more than can be said with words.”


“I recently had the privilege of listening to a presentation made by Brad Surette during the International Women’s Day celebration held at the Avon Emporium in my local community. Brad spoke eloquently, with humour and knowledge, in a speech easily understood by all present. After a fact filled performance, Brad walked us through a guided grounding and centering meditation and offered an impromptu Reiki treatment to an eager volunteer. Well done Brad!!!”

“Brad you are something else! I’ve had Reiki before but never quite like that. What an uplifting experience! I feel so energized. Thank you for the amazing massage too! See you next month!”

“Dear Brad, a very late thank you for the reading, it made such a big difference in my journey. The affirmations have contributed to an enormous healing and new fear-free existence and the reading energized and guided me in very wonderful ways. The Guide you picked up on has even come to me in dreams. It was a real privilege to connect with you, a thousand thanks and I look forward to the possibility of receiving your readings in future. Best and brightest to you, too. Infinite thanks.”

“You do amazing work! I always feel awesome after a treatment with you. And I can’t believe my hip isn’t aggravating me anymore. Thanks so much!”

“Brad did an excellent job teaching the Reiki Level I course. I was a doubter about all this ‘energy stuff’ that Brad was talking about until I took the course from him. Now I would recommend anyone interested in energy healing to take this course from Brad as well. Excellent job Brad!!!!!!”

“I am thrilled with the work you have done on my shoulder. I didn’t realize how much pain I was in until you took it away. Thanks and I will be sure to tell everyone I know to go see you.”

“I was so impressed with my reading with you Brad. Your such a gentle soul and I was very comfortable with you. I look forward to seeing you again. Thank-you, so much.”

“I was attuned to Reiki in October 2011 by Brad, and it changed my life! I took the course in order to help a friend and I got more than I bargained for! I continued my training under Brad’s tutorage, and obtained my Reiki Master Level in April of 2013. I helped several of my friends and family members with different issues, and found it to be very rewarding. Reiki has opened up new interests in my life, has led me to develop my intuitive skills, and I continue to learn more about other healing modalities. As a result, I have a healthy perspective of life, living in the here and now. I handle stress so much better than I have even done in my whole life. I enjoy life to the fullest, being happy and content with an increased awareness of my true self. Reiki is a way of life for me. I thank you with heartfelt appreciation of how you helped changed my life, Brad. You’re awesome!”

“Wow! Very impressive background!”

“I have been seeing a psychologist for many years but in a few sessions with you I was finally able to address and release the pain from a childhood trauma that has haunted me my whole life. Reiki is amazing and you are too!”

“Last year I had the pleasure of training with Brad and received my Reiki Level I certificate. It was an enlightening experience and has changed my life by making me a happier, healthier person. I do Reiki on myself both morning and evening. When I wake in the morning I find it very hard to move my leg (I have a bad knee) but after doing Reiki I feel great and can move without pain. Brad is a great teacher, and a down to earth, kind, sharing, honest person. If you haven’t tried Reiki with Brad do so and I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised to say the least. All the best in the future Brad.”

“Brad is an amazing healer. He is truly gifted and I call him the Soul Healer!!”

“I remember the love and comfort you gave your Dad as he was dying. It helped me a lot to know he drew comfort from your Reiki and the healing stones you placed on him. Love you Brad. xox”

“Brad, I feel inspired today to share with you that I feel you are a truly positive influence in this world. I feel very grateful that our paths have crossed. You possess many wonderful gifts.”

“Well Mr. Brad!! I simply cannot believe the amazing gift I was given last night by the universe!! If it hadn’t been for the gift of your reading, I’m sure I would have still been on the path of confusion. Now, not only can I see my path clearly but I literally have been given an amazing opportunity to gain the experience I need to fulfill my path. Just thought I would share my gratitude and keep spreading the Love this world is so filled with!! xo”

“It was so good to see you again. The card reading was…Inspiring!”

“thank YOU, brad….you look amazing….i can see that you are really happy…you have inspired me.”

“You are awesome at taking away pain! Many thanks!”

“Hi Brad, Thank you SO much for yesterday and these affirmations. I am blessed with a great measure of peace yesterday and today – you have helped so much, and I am very grateful!”

“Took Reiki Level I today with Brad. A fantastic experience and would recommend it to everyone! I will definitely be looking for more of his upcoming workshops!”

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